NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Poor 23
Don't Know 7
Very Good 431
Very Poor 28
Good 131
Neither Good Nor Poor 28
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Comment Date
I found a lump in the morning called in the afternoon and got seen in hr so 10/10 for my doctors Thursday 29 February
Considering the chaos and under funding of the nhs - I am so pleased with the support and help we get for our family from this surgery. Thursday 29 February
Friendly and professional service Wednesday 28 February
I had clear information Tuesday 27 February
More recently the surgery has become very helpful I think there has been a change of receptionist and they are so helpful and kind nothing seems to be to much for them!! This is at a time when all I hear is horror stories from friends and family who go to different surgery’s . It really is a good surgery and the staff and doctors are brilliant !! Please keep up the tremendous work and thank you for caring!! Tuesday 27 February