Primary Care Network - PCN

What is the PCN?

Since the creation of the NHS the population has grown and people are living longer. Long term conditions such as diabetes or heart disease need ongoing care and patients will often need access to their local health services more often. To meet these needs, GP practicies are able to communicate to local services such as hospitals and pharmacies through the primary care network.

With the support of NHS England, PCN's will help GP surgeries in England to improve patient care and access following guidelines set out by the GP forward view.

PCN's are led by clinical directors including GP's, nurses, pharmacists and other clinical professionals who can help review your health conditions, assess your needs and communicate with specialist teams to ensure you get the right care including speaking to social services to create care plans and support packages.

If you would like to find out more see this collection of case studies from across England, reporting on what differences have been made from patient and clincial perspectives.

Referrals to the PCN can be arranged via our Reception Team, GP or other health professionals. You can also self refer to the PCN Community Teams. The PCN location that we have joined with is called East and Central Brighton.

The Reception Team can refer you to:

Social Prescribing: Linking individuals to activities within the community, including but not limited to volunteering, arts, gardening, befriending, cookery, healthy eating advice and exercise. Offering practical support with financial issues and housing.

Health Coaching: Supporting individuals to develop their own knowledge, skills and confidence to enable them to reach their self-identified health and wellbeing goals.

Care Coordinators: Short term support to attend medical appointments. Helping patients with Learning Difficulties to organise and attend their annual health checks. 

YMCA Downslink: Mental health services for young people (<18) and their families. 

East Brighton Food Co- op: 28 days of hot meals to individuals who are unable to support themselves, due to an operation or other circumstances. Links with the Red Cross, to support patients discharged from the BSUH.

GP's and clinical staff are able to refer you for more services. Please speak to Reception to organise an appointment with a GP if you are concerned and would like more support with your ailments.